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Types of Visitation Rights in Georgia

Parents who are divorcing in Georgia need to consider what is going to happen with their children. Who is going to be the custodial parent? In addition to determining who is going to have custody of the children, you will also need to know what the visitation rights are going to be for the other parent, or even for the grandparents.

Augusta Divorce Lawyer

Whenever you are getting a divorce, you need to make sure that you have a qualified Augusta divorce lawyer assisting you through the proceedings. The process can become convoluted and confusing for those who are unfamiliar with the laws, and you might be giving away rights and visitation without truly understanding what you are doing. A great lawyer will be able to help do what is in your best interest.

What is Reasonable Visitation?

Reasonable visitation granted by the court simply means that the noncustodial parent has visitation rights at reasonable times and places. This can give the parents the most leeway in how the visitation time is scheduled, and it is often better for the children. The parents will be able to come up with their own times and places for the visits. The custodial parent is naturally going to have more say over the visitation times and places, but most of the time parents are able to work out an amicable deal. If the parents are able to work together and with one another s schedules, this is the best option. It will keep the kids happier because they aren’t going to see their parents fighting.

Fixed Visitation

Those who know that reasonable visitation just isn t going to work out for them will be able to have a court ordered schedule for visitation. These fixed visits with the noncustodial parent are generally going to be every other weekend or on certain days of the week. The court will step in to create a fixed schedule if the parents are unable to come to an agreement without causing the children emotional stress.

What about an Abusive Spouse?

If you had an abusive spouse, the court can require that the visitation is monitored. An adult who is not the custodial parent will need to be present at these visits. The adult who is monitoring the visit may be someone that both the parents know, or it could be someone appointed by the court. The court will always have to approve the monitor.

Visitation Rights for Grandparents

Grandparents are now able to get visitation rights. If your parents or your spouse s parents are going to try to get visitation rights, it s a good idea to try to come up with your own schedule beforehand. You may even ask that the court allow you to be present at the visitation.

Visitation can be a touchy and complicated subject. Don t enter the courtroom without an Augusta visitation lawyer who has experience in family law and can help you make sure that you and your children are fairly treated.

What Does the Court Look for in Granting Visitation Rights in Georgia?

Child custody and visitation are always a delicate matter, and it is the area of divorce most painful for parents and children. When the family unit dissolves, it can be devastating for most children and when the parents are fighting over custody and visitation rights, the children are at the center. They can feel torn. They feel frightened. Their emotional wellbeing is at stake, and you must remember that. No matter how much you and your spouse dislike one another, your children are more important, and you have to consider their feelings when you are trying to come up with a custody or visitation resolution that works for everyone.

Coming to a resolution isn t always easy. Many families aren t going to be able to do it on their own. Because of this, you need the help of a divorce lawyer who understands the ins and outs of visitation rights. A quality lawyer will be able to help you deal with the emotional problems by coming up with a visitation resolution that works for you and the courts.

What Does the Court Look for in Visitation Hearings?

If you are going to try to increase your visitation rights, you need to know what types of factors the judge is going to look for when he or she is making a decision. One of the most important factors is just how much you ve been involved in the child s life. It is sad to say, but some parents who are basically absent from a large part of their children s life try to increase their visitation rights and even take custody of their children just to hurt their former spouse. This is going to cause emotional damage to the children, and you had better believe that the courts are going to look for this sort of behavior.

Another factor that the courts will consider is how the visitation arrangements are going to affect the child s schooling. They aren t going to be able to travel too far for visitation when they have school in Augusta and another parent lives in another area of Georgia. In this case, the courts might offer summer or vacation visitation rights. The courts will try to determine other who the visitation is going to impact the child mentally and emotionally. They also determine the mental state of the parents and factor in any criminal problems or drug and alcohol abuse. The courts will not send a child into an environment that they believe may be harmful.

The ultimate goal of the courts is to make sure that the children are safe and that they have the best care possible. They want parents to have visitation rights, and they are quite relaxed about granting visitation unless the parent shows that he or she is a danger to the child.

Changing Your Visitation

If you ve had a change in your life, that makes your financial situation or your living situation better, you can always seek a modification to your visitation so you can have your children with you more often.

With the help of an Augusta visitation lawyer and family law specialist, you will be able to understand your visitation rights as well as how the courts decide on them.