Augusta Georgia Adoption Lawyer

Adoption by Stepparents in Georgia

If you have already gone through your divorce in Georgia and you have children, you might be considering having your new spouse adopt your children. The adoption of children by stepparents is one of the most common forms of adoption in the state, but it brings with it a host of legal issues that can be difficult to sort through and separate on your own. Rather than attempt to do it on your own, you need to have the help of a lawyer that has experience in adoption.

You will find that many Augusta divorce lawyers also have experience in other areas of family law. You need someone who has dealt with adoptions before and knows all of the legal landmines that might crop up during the process and after the adoption is final. Don t attempt to go through with the adoption unless you have the right help.

What Does the Adoption of Stepchildren Mean?

It is about more than just accepting the children into your heart and your life. You ve already done that by marrying their mother or father and spending time with them. This involves financial and legal responsibility for your spouse s children. When you go through with the adoption of your stepchildren, the noncustodial parent no longer bears responsibilities for those children, including child support.

Something that some parents might want to consider is asking the children how they feel about it. Children who are old enough to know their noncustodial parent and who spend time with them might now want to be adopted by the stepmother or stepfather. Even though they might like the person, they feel a loyalty to their birth parent and this can turn into resentment later. You should always do what s right for the children, and if adoption is right, then do it. However, be prepared for any negative consequences.

You also have to be prepared to find that the noncustodial parent doesn t want to give up the rights to his or her children. This can involve a legal battle as well as bad feelings for just about everyone involved. The children, who have to see and hear all of the fighting that the adults are doing, will be the ones who suffer the most. Make sure that you think everything through before you proceed with this type of adoption.

In many cases, this is truly the best thing for the children. However, you have to weigh the options, and you should always consult with a lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to make sure that you have all of the right paperwork and that you fill it out correctly. He or she will be able to help you along every step of you path so that the adoption of the stepchildren is easy.Don t take any chances when you are going through adoption of your stepchildren. Make sure that you have a great Augusta adoption lawyer that can explain all of the steps that you will have to take.